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MetaCon 2013 Derpy Hooves

Pictures of my wife (taken by me :P) cosplaying as Derpy Hooves for MetaCon

Mr. Kerbibble - LEGO Minifigures and Movie


Hello! Mr. Kerbibble here! In light of the upcoming new LEGO Movie coming out, I wanted to showcase my excitement by showing off my current collection of LEGO minifigures!




As simply as the title says, “Do not give up.”

What I mean is, “don’t give up on your creativity.” Your dreams, your desire to be a writer, an artist, an actor. Even, if you heart dictates it: An accountant.

For those of you who don’t know me, or don’t know my current situation, I just want to be odd and share a little piece of my life with you.

I am a recent liberal arts college graduate and a recently married man.

And also, sadly, recently unemployed.

To say that this is nightmare is an understatement, the unemployed aspect, I’m actually very happy and consider myself lucky to be married to a kind woman such as my wife.<3

And I’m not trying to scare my loved ones, but more just to tell them, I am human. I get scared sometimes. I’m not perfect, and I need to let this out somehow.

And yes, it is somewhat selfish of me to put this on a social networking site, in that this could be misconstrued as a form of, “LOOK AT ME LOOK AT ME.”

But I more just wanted to make this as a, ‘shout to the masses,’ kind of deal.

Let me explain: I love making people laugh. I love it also when I can produce some creative content that makes people smile or think, ‘wow! that’s cool.’

But, for the past few years, I haven’t really done that.

I haven’t! And I think the main reason is fear….fear and laziness.

I was afraid to post something because it would appear half-assed, or not funny, or not creative. And by consequence, I didn’t post anything, whether it was on here, on youtube, vimeo, deviantart, what have you.

And of course, I am lazy. I can’t help it. Whenever I see something effortless and fun, I kinda drop things on the fly and want to just play a game, watch a show, or pig out on chips and soda. (probably should cut out that last one.)

I don’t know about you all, but I feel like this past summer has…well…sucked. More so then usual.

The bombings, the NSA, the Miranda situation, friends and family losing their jobs or falling on hard times. It’s just…well…sucked. A lot.

And I think the reason why it hurts even more is that the people that these bad things are happening to. DO NOT DESERVE THIS.

Most of these friends and family members I know, are incredibly good and creative people.

They are writers, artists, actors and film makers. But they aren’t doing this to make a living. They are doing this to try and stay…well…some what sane.

And that’s what frustrates me. I WANT to make a living making people smile, laugh, and have a good time. And I want my friends and family to be able to do the same.

I’m sick of being…well, unsure as to where I should be going to make a living.

I know what I am (and seriously, I’m not trying to be egotistical). An artist. A writer. A voice actor. A creator of media.

And I want THAT to be my job. And if I have to post and network until my fingers bleed, my smile hurts, and my voice scratches.

Then THAT’S what I’ll do. I want to make a living being creative. And I’m sick of people saying that I won’t make any money that way.

You know what? Screw them. I don’t want to be rich, just fine. That’s it.


And I’ll be damned if I need to work a job I don’t like just to be ‘fine.’

I’d rather work a job that I love and be, ‘fine.’

So, yeah, I’m doing this. I don’t care how hard it’s gonna be, because I KNOW I can do this.

And I KNOW that I’m going to do this.

-Sorry for cluttering your guys’ feed. DON’T GIVE UP.


Two Best Sisters Play - Persona 4 (by 2Snacks)

QUICK! EAT THE DRUGS!! Lost it at that part.


Kitty! :3

Dat&#8217;s one surprised kitty.


Kitty! :3

Dat’s one surprised kitty.

-LEGO Marvel Super Heroes-

Not gonna lie, this honestly gave me the chills. Also, anyone notice that some of the voice work really goes out of it’s way to make them sound very close to their live action counterparts? *coughLokiMagnetocough*

Really excited folks. REALLY excited.

-VISCERA CLEANUP DETAIL- Game where you play a janitor cleaning up after the guy that has been killing the guards and monsters from a FPS.

I honestly want to play this. Next we need: REALLY BUSY HOSPITAL by Demetri Martin, where you play a doctor for the NPC’s that get shot.

NHL Pokemon Logos - Imgur

NHL Pokemon Logos - Imgur

-D.Grayman Abridged: Episode 0-

I got bored. Like if you want, or don’t I just wanted to give it a shot. Thank you boredom. lol

This video is a fan-based parody. Please support the official release.


Antoinette Blue

Trigun Riff

So, guess what? The guy that voiced Strongbad, (as well as all the other characters on that Homestarrunner), now writes and directs episodes of Gravity Falls. This. Is. Awesome.